Your Month of Moving Forward!

“[God] is asking me to tell you to go forward in your life; have no fear,” Pastor announces!

The BLW President just declared November 2016 to be ‘the Month of Moving Forward‘, after reading the inspiring accounts of the Israelites before the Red Sea and Isaac in the land of Gerar in Exodus 14:12-16 and Genesis 26 respectively.

As the man of God caused us to stand again with Moses and the children of Israel before a daunting and seemingly impossible obstacle, he said “God’s not looking at the sea like there’s a hindrance; it’s nothing to God!” As the global congregation took on God’s unique purview, every challenge lost its power in our hearts and minds.

Through Isaac’s story, Pastor enlightened the congregation that there is no challenge that any man faces, which he has not been predestined to face and win. “Stop seeing the problems; see God who has all the ability,” the man of God said! Pastor went on to speak prophetically into our lives: “In every area of your life, you’re moving forward; nothing intimidates you!”