May is ‘the Month of Illumination’, Pastor Chris Declares at Global Service


“God’s plan is to have your spirit illumined in such a way that light dawns on your spirit” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Seamless streams of joy erupted from the global audience as the President of LoveWorld Inc., Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome declared May to be ‘the month of Illumination’. “Get ready for extraordinary illumination,” were his words as he prepped the global audience for an enlightening month of deep insights and revelations from God’s word.

Reading from Psalm 19:1-11, the man of God posited that God’s Word conveys illumination, warnings and instructions altogether. Pastor Chris emphasized that the hearts of the saints would be utterly illuminated as they constantly meditate, pray and study God’s Word throughout the month. Highlighting the uniqueness of the month of May as coming from the month of April which was the month of truth, he remarked that the penetration of God’s truth would inspire profound luminance in the spirits of the global audience.

Congratulations to all LoveWorld citizens and welcome to ‘the Month of Illumination’.