Hey! Guess what God’s saying to you today? He’s saying, ” My child, don’t give up on yourself, you’re up to the task! You’re qualified, for my ability is in you!” Isn’t that great? This means no matter the task or assignment committed to you, you should see yourself as the right person for that project!

You may have lost confidence in your competence; your teachers and classmates seems to get anything done right. Don’t despair, refuse to believe or consider their words. Rather, tell yourself and anyone who cares to listen, “I’m up to the task. I can handle any project I’m given.”

Remember, your ability or competence is not based on your physical strength or intelligence; it’s according to the supernatural ability of God working in you. So, the next time you’re given a task to do, take it up confidently and with the consciousness that God is at work in you, and you function with His ability.