You’re God’s Oracle


God’s Word has a lot to say about life’s circumstances. And you can be God’s voice to the world, showing them the answers and solutions contained in God’s Word. People of the world may not necessarily agree with you on everything  you tell them from God’s Word, since they have their principles for dealing with issues. Nevertheless, It’s your responsibility to show them God’s way of doing things. This is why when someone approaches you and asks for your advice, your response should be based on God’s Word.

The Bible says you’re the light of the world(Matthew 5: 14). In other words, you’re the source of light to those that are in the dark and have lost direction. This is why you ought to speak as “God’s oracle.” You should speak according to God’s Word, not your senses. Therefore, your heart must always be filled with the Word.

Jesus always had the right word for those that came around Him. You should be like Him today: reach out to your world and help people find peace in turmoil, strength in weakness, and joy in sadness. Give meaning to the lives of those around you.