Your Loveworld Specials (Season 7, Phase 4


The unique Your Loveworld Specials series that began in 2020 has become the arbiter of truth owing to the gross deception in the world today. This is why many around the world are excited to join Pastor Chris again for the upcoming Your Loveworld Specials (Season 7, Phase 4). The special telecast will take airwaves globally from Wednesday, May 17th to Friday, May 19th at 7 pm GMT+1 live on all Loveworld Networks, LoveWorld News, CeFlix channel, and numerous internet platforms. So much truth has been divulged by the man of God since the inception of the live telecast.

This has liberated many individuals, families, nations, organizations, and the Church from falling prey to the deceptions of the Devil and his cohorts. With all that has already been revealed by Pastor Chris, one may ask what next and what more?

This is why you need to avail yourself and your loved ones of the opportunity to participate live in the beckoning phase because there is a whole lot more to be unveiled by the man of God, Pastor Chris. It will be a time to gain accurate knowledge from God’s Word concerning events in our world today and be rightly positioned for victory. Plan now to participate and begin to build up great expectations as you spread the news to everyone in your sphere of contact. Don’t miss it for any reason.