You Can Alter Your Destiny


God is good and goodness is His nature (Psalm 34:8). Therefore, His plan for every one of His children is the best. But there are certain things that may hinder God’s plan and destiny for you from coming to pass, especially when you walk out of sync with God’s Word. One day, God sent a message through prophet Isaiah to King Hezekiah of his impending death. He hadn’t been living right and he became sick, and God’s message to him from Isaiah was, “You shall die and not live.”

However, Hezekiah had found out, from the Word of God, how to turn a hopeless situation around. Through his prayer of petition, he got God to reverse the death sentence on his life. He was able to alter his own destiny. If he hadn’t known what to do at that time, he would have surely died.

God said in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” and how true that is. God is good and there’s nothing impossible with Him. There’s no hopeless situation with Him; all you need to do is grasp what the Word says about the situation and the faith to cause the change you desire will come to you.