Virgin Atlantic withdraws support for Heathrow third runway


Virgin Atlantic has withdrawn its support for Heathrow’s third runway plans amid an ongoing row over the cost of flying from Britain’s biggest airport.

The carrier had been one of the most prominent airline backers of expansion before the pandemic. But on Monday its chief executive, Shai Weiss, hit out at Heathrow’s proposal to increase landing charges by 120% and called on the aviation regulator, the CAA, to reform a “broken” system and “pay closer attention to the abuse of power by a de facto monopolistic airport”.

He added: “Until that happens, it is difficult to see how expansion at Heathrow can be supported.”

The CAA said this summer Heathrow would be allowed to raise charges by 56% next year, to more than £30 a passenger, but would have to trim them by 2026 – a proposal that Heathrow said “underestimated” the need for investment.

Speaking at the Airlines 2022 conference in central London on Monday, Weiss said that, along with other carriers, “we have fought long and hard to ensure the CAA uses its powers to ensure this would not happen and encouraged the UK government to pay closer attention to the abuse of power by a de facto monopolistic airport”.

The row has festered during a difficult summer in which Heathrow forecast lower demand and then blamed airlines for not staffing up sufficiently to accommodate all flights, imposing a 100,000 passengers a day cap.

Weiss added: “This is not just about the next price control period in four years’ time. Everyone in this room will recognise the damage to consumer confidence that summer disruption caused.

“A repeat of this in summer 2023 is completely avoidable if honest and accurate passenger forecasts are used now for resource planning and building resilience.”

Appealing to the CAA and British government, he said: “The regulatory framework and process is simply not working. It is broken and must be reformed.”