VIOLENCE BREAKS OUT AGAIN IN NAIROBI Protestors call for more demonstrations

Kenyan riot police fired tear gas at protesters in Nairobi on Tuesday (July 2), with some activists arrested and at least two sustaining injuries.

Demonstrations erupted in cities across the country as activists demanded the resignation of President William Ruto, following a week of deadly clashes in anti-tax protests.

One woman was handed water as she sat on the pavement bleeding from the head, with those surrounding her trying to soak up some of the blood. A man was carried by several protesters towards an ambulance van.

President Ruto, facing the most serious crisis of his nearly two-year-old presidency, has been caught between the demands of lenders such as the International Monetary Fund to cut deficits, and a hard-pressed population reeling from the soaring cost of living.

At least 39 people have been killed in demonstrations and clashes with police since June 18, according to the government-funded Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, many of them were shot by officers last Tuesday (June 25), when some protesters tried to storm parliament to stop lawmakers voting on tax increases.