US ENVOY IN SOUTH KOREA U.S. envoy Biegun meets South Korean president Moon in Seoul


U.S. special envoy for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, met South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Seoul after having a meeting with his South Korean counterpart to discuss on North Korea.

Biegun, urged Pyongyang on Monday to return offers of talks, dismissing leader Kim Jong Un’s year-end deadline while highlighting Washington’s willingness to discuss “all issues of interest.”

Biegun arrived in Seoul on Sunday amid speculation he might try to salvage negotiations by reaching out to North Korea, which has vowed to take an unspecified “new path” if Washington fails to soften its stance before the end of the year.

Tension has been rising in recent weeks as Pyongyang has conducted a series of weapons tests and waged a war of words with U.S. President Donald Trump, stoking fears the two countries could return to a collision course they had been on before launching diplomacy last year.