UK’S JOHNSON LABOUR ANTI SEMITISM Chief Rabbi’s attack on Corbyn


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was a “serious business” when the chief rabbi criticized the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn for failing to root out anti-Semitism from the Labour party.

Speaking at the launch of the Conservative Party Scottish Manifesto in North Queensferry, Scotland Johnson said it was “a failure of leadership” that Corbyn had “not been able to stamp out this virus in the Labour Party.”

It comes after chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said, in a newspaper article on Monday, that Corbyn was unfit to be prime minister because he had failed to stem anti-Semitism “sanctioned from the top” and its now gripping his party.

His comments stirred up campaigning ahead of a Dec. 12 election in which the United Kingdom faces a stark choice between Prime Minister Boris Johnson, promising to complete Britain’s departure from the EU, and Corbyn, proposing a radical socialist vision for the world’s fifth largest economy.