UK SUPREME COURT Parliament suspension not a matter for judges


Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament is a political issue and not a matter for judges, a lawyer for the UK prime minister said as he sought to persuade the British Supreme Court that the five-week shutdown was lawful.

James Eadie, a lawyer for Johnson, told the court that the ability to prorogue parliament was a matter of politics or “high policy” which was non-justiciable, meaning it was not something judges could rule on.

It was a matter for parliament to hold the government to account, not the courts, he said, arguing that lawmakers could hold a vote of no-confidence in the government if they wished.

The question of justiciability is likely to be key to which way the Supreme Court goes. A ruling is expected on Friday (September 20) at the earliest.

A ruling against him would be a major embarrassment for Johnson, who has no majority in parliament and has suffered one defeat after another in the House of Commons since taking office in July.