UK LABOUR ANTI SEMITISM UK’s Corbyn refuses to apologise over Labour anti-Semitism claims


Labour has been plagued by the anti-semitism debate, which is threatening to affect Labour’s chances in the upcoming UK election on December 12.

The Labour leader repeatedly declined an invitation to apologise to the British Jewish community over anti-semitism claims.

Corbyn was asked about Labour Party member Lesley Perrin, who reportedly posted a video to social media denying the Holocaust, with Neil questioning why she only got a written warning. Corbyn responded that he had “strengthened processes” since the incident occurred.

Neil also tackled the Labour leader’s plan to use government reserves and borrowing to finance compensation for women who lost out when their retirement age was raised.

On Sunday, Labour promised to hand 58 billion pounds ($74 billion) of compensation to women who had been expecting to retire at 60 but were then told they would have to wait longer.