The Greatest love Of All


God’s love for you is immeasurable, boundless, everlasting and the greatest. A great man of God told the story of how he finally become a Christian after a long time of struggle and unwillingness to yield himself to God. He surrendered his life to Christ when he made what would become the greatest discovery of his life. He said, ” I found out that Jesus loves me more that I love myself; and that made me cry!” He continued, ” I took the time to think about it and found out that He’s more desirous for my success than I was.”

You need to know that the Lord Jesus is more willing for you to be successful than you could ever be yourself. He wants your peace more than you could ever want it. He knows how much you want to be happy; He knows every good thing you want for yourself, and He desires even more than all that for you.

Therefore, serve Him with all your heart; surrender your will to Him. He knows what to do with your life. He’s ever willing to cause them to come to pass. As a matter of fact, he proved how much He loves you when He shed His blood for you on the cross.