A gentleman went to a five-star restaurant for a three-course dinner. He called the waiter and placed an order from the menu. The waiter then went off and brought a piece of bread and some soup to him. The gentleman got very angry thinking that was all the meal he paid so much for and, in his anger took the soup and left the restaurant. When the waiter came again with the main course, he found to his amazement that the man had left!

He’d paid for a full three-course meal, not just an appetiser! The best was still to come, but he missed it in his ignorance! Some believers are this way. The Lord Jesus said to seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and ” all these things” would be added. The main course is His Kingdom and righteousness, and the extras are ” all these things.” But everything you’ll ever need in life is in ¬†that main course.

If you have found God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, you already have “all these things” added to you. They include food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities of life ( Matthew 6 : 31-32); but they are merely ‘extras.’ They’re given free of charge after you come into God’s Kingdom. So don’t focus on them and leave out the real thing. Don’t miss out on the main dish. Jesus has paid the full price for your three-course meal, so relax, stay in there, and enjoy it.