SUNAK GIVES FIRST REACTION TO TORY ‘HAMMERING’ ‘Alarm Bells’ ring in Conservative Party HQ

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives were facing a bleak set of local election results with voters punishing his party over political scandals, sluggish economic growth and high inflation, early results showed on Friday.

So far the Tories have lost control of nine councils while Labour have made key gains.  Keir Starmer has told Labour councillors and supporters they “blew the doors off” as he celebrated victory in Medway, which the party won for the first time this morning.

He said Labour “are having fantastic results across the country” including battlegrounds, pointing to Plymouth, Middlesbrough and Stoke.

The leader of the Opposition said the party is on course for a majority at the next general election, having won back the trust of voters.

After trailing the Conservatives by 124 seats in the 2019 general election, Labour needs a bigger swing than Tony Blair to form a majority government.

For their part, the Conservatives could be heading to losses of more than 1,000 seats which would be their worst performance in decades.