Spotlight on ‘the Tongan Language’


At the Tonga Prison, the chief chaplain reported how the prison was getting decongested because of the Tongan translation of Rhapsody of Realities. Before now, it was normal for the inmates to return after being released, but that has stopped.

The Tongan translation of the Messenger Angel also caused a stir when it was distributed at some colleges in Tonga, which are known to have notorious students. The school authorities were at their wits’ end as to what to do with the students, but transformation came when Rhapsody of Realities arrived. Now, the devotional is used daily in these schools to teach the students God’s Word.

Rhapsody of Realities was first translated into the Tongan language in 2010. The Tongan translation is distributed, not only in print, but also in audio and electronic formats. The Messenger Angel covers the main island in Tonga to surrounding islands and even to New Zealand, where most Tongans live. It is read on radio and TV, and the response has been phenomenal, as many have contacted the call center to give their hearts to Christ.

Rhapsody of Realities is currently in 646 languages, with only 6 more languages to reach the target of 652 languages. Adopt one or more languages today. Join the effort to make more impact around the world by making a commitment to ensuring the distribution of the Messenger Angel to speakers of that language.