SPAIN RALLY CATALONIA Anti-separatists rally in Barcelona after pro-independence unrest


One of the most prominent figures against independence for the Spanish region of Catalonia staged a counter-protest after a week of separatist unrest and called for an end to the violence.

Albert Rivera, head of the pro-unionist Ciudadanos party, told hundreds of flag-waving supporters that Spain’s acting Socialist government was not doing enough to end the chaos sparked by the jailing of separatist leaders.

Protesters waved Spanish, European and Estalada (Catalan separatist) flags in Sant Jaume square outside the Government of Catalonia’s headquarters and in front of police headquarters.

Demonstrators attending the rally said they were there to support the Catalans and show then they are not alone. 

After unprecedented violence on Friday, the smaller demonstration on Saturday passed off relatively peacefully and the government has said it has the situation under control.