Sixth Sunday Special Highlights

Pastor Chris expounds on speaking divine secrets through speaking in tongues.

More into the teaching on educating and building the human spirit, Pastor Chris shared on the relevance of bringing speaking in tongues into one’s spirit as one communicates with the Holy Spirit and with the power of the Holy Spirit.”People who don’t speak in tongues are in bad [spiritual]shape … and they can’t fix their problems,” Pastor Chris said.


“You are the manifestation of the words you have imbibed,” says Pastor Chris.

Teaching the eager attendees at today’s service, the man of God, Pastor Chris, emphasized the primary importance of educating the human spirit far above the mind and the body.  In the featured video, Pastor Chris teaches on the building ability of words and how to change something about one’s life through words. Pastor Chris said, “The quality of your life is based on the words that have been deposited in your system [spirit].”