Sir Tim Barrow: UK’s new ambassador to EU ‘tough negotiator’


Senior diplomat Sir Tim Barrow has been appointed the UK’s new ambassador to the EU, replacing Sir Ivan Rogers.

Downing Street described the former ambassador to Russia, who will now play a key role in the UK’s Brexit talks, as a “seasoned and tough negotiator”.

Sir Ivan’s exit, which came earlier than planned, sparked a row after his resignation note criticised “muddled thinking” from ministers.

Some MPs had accused him of being “half-hearted” towards Brexit.

Critics of the outgoing ambassador were accused of trying to “politicise” the civil service, with a trade union saying there was a “deafening silence” from ministers in defending officials’ independence.

Sir Tim, who was the UK’s ambassador in Moscow from 2011 to 2015, has also advised a succession of foreign secretaries as well as holding other roles in the UK’s EU mission.

He said he was “honoured” to be appointed to the role, officially called the UK’s permanent representative to the EU, adding that he would ensure “the right outcome” for the UK after Brexit.

Downing Street said Sir Tim had “extensive experience of securing UK objectives in Brussels” and would “bring his trademark energy and creativity to this job”.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis both issued statements welcoming the appointment.

But former UKIP leader Nigel Farage was less enthusiastic, tweeting: “Good to see that the government have replaced a knighted career diplomat with… a knighted career diplomat.”