‘She’s not a UK citizen!’ Adil Ray and Kwarteng in row over Sunak’s wife’s tax affairs


ADIL RAY and Kwasi Kwarteng clashed during Thursday’s Good Morning Britain as the host challenged the MP on why people in the UK are having to deal with the rise in National Insurance when Rishi Sunak’s wife doesn’t have to pay UK tax.

Kwasi Kwarteng appeared on  via video link as he spoke with  hosts  and Adil Ray about the rise in energy prices and  wife. Ray and Kwarteng ended up clashing after the MP was put on the spot about why Sunak’s wife, who has a non-domicile status, doesn’t pay UK tax.

“Why is it that the people watching this show have to deal with high national insurance,” Ray began as he asked: “Whereas the very wealthy like Rishi Sunak’s wife can choose to make sure her tax isn’t paid here?”

Kwarteng replied: “So I’m not an expert on her tax affairs, but from what I understand, she’s an Indian citizen, so she doesn’t have dual citizenship she has Indian citizenship.

“And as a consequence of that, she has what is called a non-domiciled…”

“She’s been here seven years,” Ray raged. “My father came from Pakistan, he had no choice and he drove buses, he had to be a UK citizen.

“He doesn’t get these options, these options only seem to be available to the wealthy.

“She can come to this country, live here for seven years, benefit from being a UK citizen but choose not to pay her UK taxes?”

Kwarteng hit back: “But, she’s not a UK citizen, she’s not a UK citizen.”

Ray fumed: “She benefits like a UK citizen, she has been here for seven years, Mr Kwarteng. Why is that fair?”

“So, she is an Indian citizen and so she can’t have dual citizenship if she is an Indian citizen that is my understanding,” the MP replied.

Garraway said: “She could choose to become a UK citizen, I think that’s Adil’s question.”

“She’s made that decision, hasn’t she?” Ray asked putting Kwarteng on the spot.

The MP seemed to hesitate before he explained: “So, you’re quite right after 15 years she can’t be a non-dom, she will have to pay tax on everything here.

“In the meantime as an Indian citizen, she pays tax on UK income here that she generates here in the UK.”

Source: Express.co.uk