Rendezvous of the Miraculous at Second Healing Service with Pastor Chris

The lame walk, blind eyes open, deaf ears unstopped, all manners of illnesses healed by God’s power.

The hour had finally come: this was the high point of the service that many had looked forward to. It was a special moment for the unlimited manifestation of God’s Spirit as the man of God, Pastor Chris, walked into the hall.

Pastor Chris walks into the auditorium full of the Holy Ghost & ready to heal.

The atmosphere in the auditorium was one of elation. The man of God, ministered to those on the healing line one after the other, and diverse miracles happened all over the place. The lame walked, blind eyes opened, deaf ears were unstopped, and all manner of sicknesses and diseases came to nothing.

A man receives his healing & celebrates joyfully. 

Everyone present rejoiced and praised the Lord in reverence and wonder of His mighty power demonstrated in the lives of those who had just been healed. For so many people, that day marked the end of all hopeless situations as the hardships of the past became history.

Rejoicing in the auditorium, as all present, witness the awesome manifestation of God’s healing power.

Thereafter, the man of God, Pastor Chris, specially acknowledged visiting ministers and appreciated the partners of the Healing School for their commitment to transforming lives all over the world. He also expounded deep truths from the Word and blessed everyone present with increased grace and renewed strength. It was with great joy and conviction that many came forward to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus over their lives as the man of God made an altar call.

Everyone received an impartation of grace as Pastor Chris ministered. 

All in attendance marveled at God’s amazing grace as this tremendous season of healing wonders came to a close amidst singing and dancing. What a most remarkable capstone to the 2019 Healing School Summer Session.