ONE PERSON VOLUNTEERS  TO GO TO RWANDA – This proves it’s a safe place says Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch

Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch told reporters she is “pleased we’ve finally seen one person going to Rwanda”.

Her comments come after the first failed asylum seeker was sent from the UK to Rwanda on Monday under a voluntary scheme. 

This “shows the point about Rwanda not being safe to be untrue because people are volunteering to go”, Ms Badenoch claims.

The scheme is for those who have gone through the asylum process and had permission rejected, rather than for migrants who have illegally entered Britain by crossing the Channel on small boats.

It is separate to the powers set out in the controversial Safety of Rwanda Act, which became law last week. 

Ms Badenoch says after “so many obstacles” put in the way of that legislation, “the scheme is working”. 

She cites comments made by the Irish government as evidence the Safety of Rwanda Act is working as a deterrent. Ireland complained that Illegal migrants have been crossing back into the EU via the Irish Border to avoid being sent to Rwanda.

“The scheme is working, as we’ve seen with the comments from the Irish government as well,” says the Business Secretary.  “This is something that we need to do, in order to help police our borders.”