NIGEL FARAGE IS POSITIVE OF PARLIAMENTARY SEAT WINNigel Farage is set to win his first seat in Britain’s Parliament

Nigel Farage is quite certain of winning a seat in Britain’s parliament. He stated in an interview yesterday in Clacton-on-Sea that this is a ‘first significant step towards a much longer-term goal, which is aiming at 2029 (Britain’s next scheduled national election), but also is aiming at building a mass movement for common sense across the country.”

Nigel Farage doesn’t rule out replacing the Conservatives or becoming a Conservative prime minister, however, he says that success in five year’s time would see his party being the catalyst for “a dramatic realignment of the centre-right of British politics”.

He regards the success of Marine Le Pen’s RN party in France’s  parliamentary election as an assurance and predicts she will become France’s president in 2027.

Although he says there are differences between his and her parties, Farage says they also have a shared approach to access to welfare benefits, free health care or social housing for migrants.

But overall, Farage believes his party and his bid for getting into parliament is a very British project, focusing on “family, community, country” and believes he can grow Reform into a force that becomes the proper opposition to the expected Labour government.