MUDSLIDE – Local hero saves girl from mud of Brazil’s deadly dam collapse


Amidst a rising death toll, a glimmer of hope in Brazil. A woman was saved from a sea of mud after a deadly dam collapse in the town of Brumadinho last week. And a local man has been dubbed the hero behind the rescue.

Jefferson Ferreira, 33, was out looking for his sister amongst the trail of destruction when he heard of a report that someone was still alive in the mud. Thinking it might be his sister, Ferreira rushed to the site with a friend. When he arrived and got closer, it was not his sister but rather a 15-year-old girl trapped in the mud.

Taking advantage of his height, Ferreira waded through the sea of thick mud to reach the girl who was trapped elbow-deep. Ferreira stayed by the girl’s side until rescuers arrived in a helicopter, helping to lift her up to the chopper to safety.

The video of the dramatic rescue has gone viral in Brazil, catapulting Ferreira to nationwide fame. But for this local hero, it is a bittersweet moment. Ferreira’s sister Jussara remains missing.