In November, you are celebrating your riches!!! God’s plan is to make the Church of Jesus Christ the world over so big that there’s nothing anybody can do about it. In these last days, the Lord is shaking the nations and the desire of all nations (wealth) is coming to the Church.

Think like God, have no mentality of poverty or need. God has brought you into a wealthy place. YOU ARE IN A WEALTHY PLACE Psalm 66:10-12-14. This month of November, when going to Church, be loaded with your offering and do it joyfully. God respects vows, there are certain things that will never change in your life until you make a vow. Vows are sacred to God. When you want to change something, sometimes it’s not just a seed that’s required, you may need to make a vow.

There were certain people in the Bible who needed God to make a change in their predicament, they made a vow and God responded and performed what they wanted in an extraordinary way and they had to fulfil their part.

If you make a vow before God, do not delay to pay it; it should be top priority to you. Delaying to pay your vow is a sin before God. Deut.23: 21-22 (NKJV), Eccl. 5:4 (NKJV). When you fulfil your part of your vow to God, God brings you into another level of blessing. Once you do these things, abundance of blessings and finances are open to you.

The more you delay to pay your vow to God, the more your finances are frustrated even if you may be sowing other seeds and speaking in tongues. A VOW IS A VOW!