Merkel loses it in Bundestag after constant interruptions: ‘I’m telling the TRUTH!’


ANGELA MERKEL lost her cool in the German Bundestag today as she called on people to vote for her successor, Armin Laschet, at the upcoming federal election.

The outgoing German Chancellor opened a session of the German Parliament to discuss the upcoming vote but was met with resistance by members of the opposition. Mrs Merkel was forced to shout repeatedly and ended up losing her patience in one of the last addresses of her career.

She began by saying: “In a few days, the citizens will be able to vote. Either a government, which, with the SPD and the Greens, will put up with the support of the Left.

“At least they don’t rule it out, I’m only telling the truth,” she added with a grin on her face, sparking the fury of opposition members.

She continued: “Or a government led by CDU and CSU and Armin Laschet as the Chancellor.

“A government which will lead our country to the future with measure and mean.

“And this is truly not just about foreign politics, NATO and Europe.”

As the Bundestag descended into chaos, between applauses from her allies and shouting from her opposers, Mrs Merkel blasted: “Good lord, what a racket! I have been a member of this German Bundestag for 30 years, over 30 years.

“And I don’t know where, if not here, these questions have to be discussed. This is the heart of democracy and this is exactly where this will be discussed.”

She continued: “This course setting decision is truly not just about foreign politics, NATO, and Europe. It is also about that, but not just.

“It is also about concrete economic and tax policy decisions which will decide about the future of this country, the number of jobs and our common wealth.

“And that is why, Ladies and Gents, the best way for our country is a government led by CDU/CSU with Armin Laschet as the Chancellor.

“Because his government will stand for stability, reliability, measure and mean and that is exactly what Germany needs. Thank you very much.”

It comes as Germany’s far-left Linke pitched themselves on Monday as would-be coalition partners for the Social Democrats and Greens after a September 26 election, arguing they offer the two larger parties the best chance of delivering their social policies.

A surge by the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) into a clear lead in polls over Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives has focused attention in Germany and beyond on possible coalition options after the closely fought election.

At stake is the future course of Germany, Europe’s largest economy and most populous country, after 16 years of steady, centre-right leadership under Merkel. She plans to step down after the election.

An INSA poll for mass-selling daily Bild published on Monday showed the SPD extending its lead with 26 percent support, ahead of the conservatives on 20.5% and the Greens on 15.5 percent.

The business-friendly Free Democrats were on 12.5 percent and the Linke on 6.5 percent.

“We are ready to take on government responsibility,” Dietmar Bartsch, who leads the Linke in the Bundestag (lower house of parliament), told reporters.