May warned over Donald Trump at EU summit


Theresa May is hoping to use talks to convince EU leaders the UK will remain a “reliable partner” but has been warned about her closeness to Donald Trump.

The Prime Minister was holding talks with European leaders including Angela Merkel, Spain’s Mariano Rajoy and Austria’s Christian Kern at the EU Presidency Summit in Malta in an attempt to build Brexit relationships.

But EU leaders were keen on shaping a united response to the US President and Mr Kern said: “… the tangible aspects of Mr Trump’s policies are raising some concerns.

“It’s not a threat, it could be a catalyst for a strong, more united Europe.

“It is an alarm call to see if we are on the right track.”

Mrs May will attend only attend part of the EU Presidency Summit in Valletta but will not be present when the rest of the leaders discuss Brexit.

Mrs May arrived in Valletta with the message that Europe must increase its defence spending to meet NATO limits, following her talks with the US President.

But her closeness to Mr Trump has earned warnings from other leaders, including the Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat.