MATT HANCOCK’S WHATSAPP MESSAGES THE LATEST DISCLOSURES “Gates owes me for getting his chips into people” – Hancock

The government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has been thrust into the spotlight after the leak to the Daily Telegraph of more than 100,000 private WhatsApp messages involving Matt Hancock.

The cache of messages, which reveal private conversations between several senior politicians and officials, provide a unique insight into the way the UK government operated at the height of the pandemic.

Matt Hancock apparently ‘joked about Bill Gates Covid vaccine conspiracy theory by telling aides the Microsoft billionaire “he owes me one” considering “how many people I’m getting his chips injected into”,’ lockdown whatsapp leaks reveal.

The then Health Secretary referred to claims that Covid-19 was developed in a lab and used the vaccine to implant microchip tracking devices into billions of people.

Hancock at the time was hoping to get the former Microsoft billionaire to help in promoting the country’s expertise in identifying coronavirus variants around the world.

Whether joking or not, the messages are certainly in bad taste as Hancock also appraently “joked” about releasing the next varient and saying that the fear will make people compliant and make them show “correct Behavour” and take the new vaccines.  

The WhatsApp messages seen by the Telegraph show how several members of Matt Hancock team wanted to use fear and guilt to make people obey lockdowns, and vaccine requests and force people into obedience with mandates.

Joking or not, there was no sign of a lol, or a smily face or laughing emoji, one would normally send with a joke.  So we will let you at home decide.