London police arrest 21 climate change protesters as mass action starts


Environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion says it will start a two-week protest on Monday.

In London, it aims to “peacefully occupy the centres of power and shut them down” and protests are also planned in world cities, including Amsterdam, Berlin, New York and Sydney.

On Monday, Police removed and arrested 21 protesters chained to a car outside the Ministry of Defence as the group begins two weeks of civil disobedience.

In the UK, Extinction Rebellion has three main demands,The government must declare a climate “emergency”, The UK must legally commit to reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2025 and A citizens’ assembly must be formed to “oversee the changes”.

The group also began its climate protection protest in Berlin early morning on Monday, October 7. Hundreds of supporters marched from the government district to the Victory Column in the district of Tiergarten.

According to police, around 6,000 around 1,000 activists had gathered.