LE PEN’S PROTEGE COULD EARN FRENCH PRIME MINSTER POST – The right wing could gain the Prime Ministers position on June 30 and July 7

National Rally (RN) leader Jordan Bardella will likely be prime minister if the far-right party wins a majority in France’s snap legislative election, which takes in two rounds on June 30 and July 7.

Bardella, who grew up in a social housing block in the impoverished outskirts of Paris, has risen quickly through the party ranks. In 2019, he led its campaign for European elections, when it took the top spot just ahead of Macron’s centrist party.

In 2022, Bardella won nearly 85% of party members’ votes and became the new president of the National Rally, succeeding the figure party Marine Le Pen in the post.

A clean-cut boxing enthusiast, Bardella has become one of Le Pen’s most recognised lieutenants in French media. His quick wit and brutal soundbites have made him a formidable opponent for Macron’s ministers and lawmakers on TV shows.

The 28-year-old leader of the party, always smartly turned out in suit and tie, has embraced Le Pen’s strategy of seeking to convince voters that the party founded by her father Jean-Marie, who was convicted several times for incitement to racial hatred, has moved towards the conservative mainstream and is now fit to govern.