Lawmakers Urge Biden To Take Cognitive Test


Dozens of Republicans are calling on the White House to give Joe Biden a cognitive test. On Tuesday, 38 Republicans sent a letter to Biden to follow in 45th President Donald Trump’s footsteps and take a neurophysiological test. The letter said they believe regardless of age, gender or political party, all presidents should take a test to document and demonstrate sound mental abilities.

Former White House chief medical advisor, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) said Biden is not in his right mind to sit in the Oval Office. He insisted the test would reassure Americans their Commander-in-Chief is fit for making important decisions, especially when the country is at a tumultuous time.

The Texas lawmaker said Trump taking the test during his time in office set the precedent for its necessity. He also recalled how the liberal media demanded the 45th president to take a cognitive test as part of his evaluation. Jackson continued, noting the nation can only assume the worst if Biden doesn’t submit to the same standards his own party demanded of the previous administration.

Meanwhile, the letter claimed his recent physical exam failed to shed light on Biden’s mental state. It cited examples of the 79-year-old’s poor mental state, including frequently forgetting numbers and names of states on the campaign trail.

A recent poll found 50 percent of registered voters agreed Biden is not in good health as the oldest person to serve as president. In conclusion, the letter read in part the American people should have absolute confidence in their president and deserve full transparency on the mental capabilities of their leader.

Source: OANN