Labour denies it is ‘at war with itself’ over ULEZ expansion


Shadow culture secretary Lucy Powell was today asked by Sky News whether the Labour Party is at war with itself over the expansion of the ULEZ scheme.

After the party’s failure to take Uxbridge in last week’s by-election, the mayor of London was told to “reflect” on plans to expand the ultra-low emission zone to the area.

The matter was widely blamed for Labour’s loss at the polls.

Ms Powell said: “We’re absolutely not at war with ourselves over this.

“We’ve been really clear that not only do we need to tackle the climate crisis, but we’ve got to do so and we can do so in a way that brings down people’s bills and creates green jobs of the future.”

She then turned to the climate crisis, insisting this is something the UK “has to tackle”.

“It’s in our interests to do so to prevent some of these extreme weather events, but also if we do so, if we go on this green energy sprint to renewable energies which are now far, far cheaper than fossil fuels, then we can do so in a way that actually brings down people’s bills and helps people in the cost of living crisis.”