June 2018: The Month of Prayer

Pastor Chris issues divine instructions to guide daily prayers throughout the month of June

At Global Communion Service, the man of God Pastor Chris announced the month of June to be a Special Month of Prayer. This was excitedly received by the teeming congregations of believers all around the world, who anticipated the word of God that would guide and pilot their affairs throughout the month.

Acknowledging the month of June to be the culminating month of the first half of the year, the BLW president gave divine instructions in line with his message, announcing that prayers would be held every day for the entirety of the month. His announcement follows the prayer schedules for followers and participants in the @pastorchris Global Prayer Network. The man of God also announced a Prayer Week from Monday the 25th to Friday the 29th of June, with fasting to commence on Wednesday the 27th, in addition to the daily prayers. The man of God declared: “I want this month of prayer to be so effective that this second half of the year would be several times greater than the first half.” 

The @pastorchris Global Prayer Network holds a gathering of millions of followers of Pastor Chris, where the man of God shares regularly, prayer posts through his @pastorchris superuser account on the Kingschat mobile application.

The BLW President instructed the use of hashtags, encouraging users to create posts with faith declarations on the kingschat application throughout the periods of prayer:

#prayingnow                                                                                                                      #Mycountry                                                                                                                    #Mydeclaration                                                                                                                                      #prayermonthtestimony