July 2017: the Month of Expansion


Pastor Chris Declares Word of the Spirit for July — ‘the Month of Expansion’!

“Raise your faith; you are expanded,” the BLW President declares to global congregation!

The declaration of July 2017 as ‘the Month of Expansion’ met expectant and thankful hearts as brethren throughout the world took off to a glorious second half of ‘the Year of Flourishing’!

Reading from Isaiah 54:2-5, Pastor Chris proclaimed the special blessing of the Spirit upon everyone in various churches and fellowships around the world, empowering them for more luxuriant growth. “You’re about to take (carry, receive) more,” the BLW President declared under the inspiration of the Spirit.

Further qualifying the potency of the declaration of the Spirit, the man of God read from Luke 1:37 in the American Standard Version: “For no word from God shall be void of power.” Testimonies are sure to be the result of the prophetic insight into our new position with God.