JEREMY CORBYN plead with the British Labour movement


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will plead with the whole of the British Labour movement to get behind the Remain campaign, with just nine days to go before the EU referendum on 23 June. The left-winger will appear alongside his shadow cabinet colleagues at Trades Union Congress (TUC) House in central London to make the pro-EU speech on 14 June.
“Today sees my shadow cabinet and the trade union movement join together, in the interests of the people of this country, to make Labour’s case to remain in the European Union and bring reform to strengthen workers’ rights,” he will say.
“That’s why today I am issuing a call to the whole Labour movement, to persuade people to back Remain to protect jobs and rights at work. We have just nine days to go to convince Labour supporters to vote Remain.”
The comments will come after former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown relaunched the party’s Labour In for Britain campaign, which is chaired by former Home Secretary Alan Johnson.