ITALY NEW GOVERNMENT Italians doubtful new coalition will last


Italians were doubtful that a new government will last after the president asked Giuseppe Conte to head a coalition of the 5-Star Movement and opposition Democratic Party (PD), a move could that could mark a turning point in Italy’s frayed relations with the European Union.

President Sergio Mattarella handed Conte a fresh mandate to form a cabinet barely a week after the low-key lawyer had resigned following a decision by the far-right League party to pull out of its coalition with 5-Star.

The move by its leader Matteo Salvini, who had wanted early elections to capitalise on his party’s success in European elections, appeared to have backfired as 5-Star and the PD set aside their mutual antipathy to form a government.

But Italians have expressed little faith in this unusual alliance, the latest move in the revolving-door of Italian politics.

Others, however, were relieved to have a solution to the crisis and hoped that it would quickly resolve the country’s problems.