IRISH FARMERS PROTESTS AGAINST THE GREEN ENERGY POLICIES – That they say will cause food scarcity and put them out of business

Irish farmers on Thursday demonstrated in solidarity with their EU counterparts, against the government’s stance to implement green energy and climate-neutral policies.

These policies, they say, will cause food shortages and put them out of business. France’s main farmer union leaders called on their peers to lift roadblocks that have disrupted traffic across the country for more than two weeks.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal earlier said France would enshrine in law the principle that it should be self-reliant in food and it will tighten import controls.

Attal, speaking at a press conference, also said the government will stop imposing stricter regulation on its farmers than European Union regulations require.

As Attal spoke, motorways all over France remained blocked by tractors, while in Brussels, farmers set fire to garbage and toppled a statue in a square in the European quarter during an EU summit.

Speaking during a news conference following the summit, French President Emmanuel Macron said the EU needs to “profoundly” change its agriculture rules if it wants to address its farming crisis as protests spread across the bloc.