‘Insane Joe!’ Republican launches furious Biden attack over ‘evil’ and ‘sinister’ agenda


JOE BIDEN should be impeached for “the worst domestic agenda in the history of the United States” that risks destroying the country “at its core”, according to a Republican state representative from Florida.

Anthony Sabatini, who will run for Congress as an “American First” candidate in next year’s elections, described the US President’s economic plans as “evil” and “insane” and a flagrant attempt to build socialism in the USA. Mr Biden scored a major political victory last week when the House of Representatives passed his $3.5tn budget blueprint, billed as the biggest boost in decades for US families. The blueprint authorises spending on new social programmes, ranging from universal pre-kindergarten schooling for under fives, tuition free community college, child care support and Medicaid expansion, as well as climate schemes.

In addition, Democrats are hopeful of passing a $1tn bipartisan infrastructure bill in September, that includes funding for roads, bridges, the power grid, public transport and the internet.

The President’s ambitious domestic plans have attracted fierce criticism from Republicans, not least from Mr Sabatini.

The Florida Republican told Express.co.uk: “I think it is sinister, malevolent, evil, destructive and insane and I believe that he will end up, if allowed to do so, destroying our country at its core.

“I think it is a lawless administration. I think he should be impeached on the first day I am in Congress and the next Republican Congress takes over in 2022.”

Mr Sabatini argued that the Democrats had become “an outright socialist party”, hell-bent on building socialism in America.

“They want to nationalise obviously healthcare,” he explained.

“But the bills like the infrastructure bills, that drown our nation in trillions of dollars of debt in order to increase the size and scope of the authority of government, is another massive step towards creating a socialist state here in the country.”

In a statement on its website, the White House said that Mr Biden viewed the the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework as a critical step towards “creating good-paying union jobs, tackling the climate crisis, and growing the economy sustainably, and equitably for decades to come.”

An Ipsos poll carried out for Reuters revealed that a majority of Americans were in favour of the improvements outlined by the bill.

It also found that nearly two-thirds of the country supports increasing taxes on “the highest-earning Americans” to pay for the improvements.

Mr Sabatini has high hopes for his campaign to be elected to Congress and has raised $420,000 and received an endorsement from Senator Rand Paul

Source: Express.co.uk