God’s People Pour Out Exuberant Praise for the Month of Walking in the Light


Congregation expresses thanksgiving and praise to God, connected to Global Communion Service.

The March 2019 Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris has availed a global congregation of opportunities to express profound thanks and praises to the Lord for the prior month of February, ‘the Month of Walking in the Light’.

The choir leads the global congregation in worship.

Moments of worship and times of prayer, led by the highly esteemed Secretary-General, Pastor Kay Adesina, culminated in the manifest presence of the Lord throughout viewing centers around the world. Highlights from last week’s Healing School Online Prayer Conference gave the brethren more reason to glorify the Lord for His liquid love.

LMAM artiste, CSO, takes new worship song.

LMAM artiste, CSO, led the audience in worship with her new song. The UK Band also took participants in rousing praise to the Lord, charging the atmosphere with his power and glory in anticipation of the message of the month.

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