When you want to gain access to your email account or get some information from your bank account omline, you need the password or access code to do so, otherwise you’d be denied access. In the same way, to get access to the secrets and many mysteries in the realm of the Spirit you need to speak in tongues! It’s a coded language of the spirit reserved only for the initiated-the one who is born again; and that’s why it makes no sense to the natural mind or the one who isn’t born again.

What’s more,when you speak in tongues, you express yourself better to God and you reveal to angels how to destroy the works of the enemy (Ephesians 3:10). This is because they don’t know everything there is to know about God and His glorious kingdom so they listen to you to know more. At the same time, when you speak in tongues you get satan and his cohorts confused because they can’t decode what you say.

In addition, when you speak in tongues, you get to position yourself in God’s perfect will for every area of your life. You may not know what steps to take regarding your family, education and other things that concern you, but as you speak this coded language, light will come to your spirit and you’ll know exactly what to do. So, take advantage of this access code by making it a personal habit to speak in tongues everyday!