Don’t Assume You Know!


Assumptions are not allowed in Christianity. You must spend time to study the Word of God and know it for yourself. Study God’s Word by yourself and do away with assumptions.

One great advantage of having the Holy Spirit in your life is that He opens your heart to God’s Word and guides to walk in the light of it. he’s your Teacher. Cultivate a daily habit of studying your Bible, and the Holy Spirit will always be there to flood your spirit with revelation knowledge. That’s His responsibility. But you must be hungry for the Word of God; there must be a strong desire to know God through His Word.

The solution to all the problems that people face in their lives today is in the Word. If only they would discipline themselves and give themselves to the study of the Scriptures, their problems will be solved. You’ve got to make the Bible your closest companion. Spend time to study it. Listen to messages and read Christian books that will help build your faith strong and catapult you to a higher realm of glory.