DERAILED TRAIN IN GREECE – Rescuers comb through crushed carriages

the Greek Fire Service said that,. the death toll from a head-on collision between two trains in central Greece on Tuesday night has increased to 38, while 57 people are still hospitalized.

Six people have been admitted to intensive care, it added.

A passenger train with around 350 travelers aboard from Athens to the northern city of Thessaloniki collided with a cargo train near Larissa City, causing the first four carriages of the passenger train to derail, with the first two carriages almost destroyed.

According to Greek media reports, most of the victims in the country’s worst-ever train accident were young people, including students returning to school after the holiday.

The Greek government has launched an emergency response to the deadly crash, dispatching a considerable amount of police officers, firefighters and first responders to carry out search and rescue operation for survivors in the wreckage.

Many volunteers have also rushed to the rescue site to help send the injured passengers to nearby hospitals or temporary shelters.