CONSERVATIVES SET FOR HEAVY ELECTION DEFEAT Polls forecast Labour Victory with two weeks until elections

Opinion polls show Britain’s Labour Party, led by Keir Starmer, is on course to win a July 4 election, a result which would end 14 years of Conservative-led government and remove Prime Minister Rishi Sunak from office.

Reuters has compiled data from more than 50 different polls produced by nine different polling firms during the election campaign to track the backing for the five most popular parties that are running nationwide.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party is set for a heavy defeat at a national election expected this year, according to a seat projection published on Wednesday which showed the opposition Labour Party winning more than 400 seats.

The YouGov model, which predicts results in individual parliamentary seats based on estimated vote share, projected that Sunak’s Conservatives would win just 155 seats and Labour would win 403 seats. Britain’s parliament has 650 seats.

According to opinions taken, it’s more a reflection of distrust in the Conservatives rather than an acceptance of Labour’s Policies or its leader.

Opinion polls have consistently given Keir Starmer’s centre-left Labour Party an around 20 point lead, with support for right-wing Reform potentially splitting the centre-right vote for the ruling Conservative party and the centrist Liberal Democrats further draining Conservative support.