CONGO – ELECTION – Three Congo opposition cities excluded from presidential election


Voters in three Congolese cities known for being opposition strongholds will be excluded from presidential elections on security and health grounds, officials said, in a move that looks certain to inflame political tensions before Sunday’s ballot.

The national electoral commission (CENI) said an Ebola outbreak – the second-worst in history – was behind the postponement of voting until March in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo cities of Beni and Butembo and surrounding areas. It cited ethnic violence for the same delay in the western city of Yumbi.

The cities will only hold legislative and provincial elections, not presidential elections.

The election is meant to lead to the first democratic transfer of power in DRC and was originally scheduled to take place in 2016.

They have been repeatedly postponed since then, sparking violence in which security forces have killed dozens of people.

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