Conclusion of Second Healing Service

The healing service concludes with salvation of many and powerful words of blessing.
Pastor Chris ministers healing from scoliosis, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and more.

A distinct intensity of the anointing filled the hall, heralding the arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris. Full of the Holy Ghost and power, he stretched his hand, touching the sick and ministering the healing anointing with great compassion, just like the Master did when He walked the earth.The lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see and diverse kinds of ailments — blood conditions, ulcers, asthma, diabetes, heart diseases, paralysis and many others — are gone forever!

Elie Dib was healed of familial Mediterranean fever and osteoarthritis when the man of God ministered to him. After 22 long years, he can walk freely and without pain. 12 years of excruciating pain in the back, leg and ankles are over; Louise Halliday has been healed of spinal stenosis. She is made whole and no longer needs the aid of a walker. It was a time of great rejoicing and celebration for all present, a glorious day for the students as they witnessed the wonderful demonstration of God’s power in their lives!

Darlene Hollett has been energized by the power of God; she is free from fatigue, pain, irregular heartbeats and shortness of breath. She has been healed of Hashimoto’s disease and scoliosis.

Revealing deep truths from the Word of God about the person of Jesus, Pastor Chris exhorted, saying “Jesus is God. You cannot read the Bible without coming to that conclusion. Everything about God is in Jesus. The name of the God-head (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) is Jesus. So when you worship Jesus, understand this.”

It was with great conviction that many come forward to proclaim Jesus as the Lord of their lives as the man of God made the altar call to salvation.

Pastor Chris specially thanked partners and acknowledged that many lives have been transformed because of the love of God which flows through them. He said, “Thank you partners…for your prayers, your giving and your sowing of seeds. Thank you for being a part of God’s work.”

The service came to a close as the man of God blessed the congregation with continuous increase and renewed strength.