Clinton ‘healthy and fit to serve as president’


Hillary Clinton is “healthy and fit to serve as president” despite her bout of bacterial pneumonia, her doctor has said.

Dr Lisa Bardack said the Democratic nominee was recovering well from “mild, non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” and had been prescribed a 10-day course of antibiotics.

A detailed letter about her treatment and overall health has been released by the campaign – with the rest of her complete physical exam described as “normal”.

It says Mrs Clinton is in an excellent mental condition, and her health records show blood pressure and cholesterol within normal ranges.

In January, she received treatment for an ear and sinus infection which included placing a drainage tube in her left ear, but a CT scan of her brain and sinuses showed no abnormalities.

The candidate currently takes thyroid and allergy medicines as well as the blood thinner Coumadin, which was initially prescribed as a preventative measure after she suffered a blood clot following a concussion in 2012.

Mrs Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia and told to rest last Friday, but said she ignored “that very wise advice” and continued her campaign schedule.

On Sunday, she seemed to buckle while waiting to get into a minivan after a 9/11 memorial event – and her diagnosis quickly emerged as speculation about her health reached fever pitch.

The Republican Party’s presidential nominee appeared on The Dr Oz Show for what his campaign described as a chat about his general well-being and his family’s medical history.

In a statement, the show said Dr Oz had taken Mr Trump “through a full review”, looking at the nervous system, cardiovascular health, prostate health and family medical history.

Mr Trump’s one-on-one will air on the same day Mrs Clinton returns to the campaign trail, after she missed stops in California and Nevada, as well as an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show.

At an event in Las Vegas, Bill Clinton said he was pleased to stand in for his wife – but then confused everyone by saying she had the flu.

The former president is a famously good campaigner and does an admirable job of selling her message to the American people.

But when Mrs Clinton takes her place once again behind the podium, she will also have to reassure the public that she has fully recovered and is fit to take on the most powerful role in the world.

The diehard fans have no doubts, with Clinton supporter Lynette Hall saying: “Maybe it helps show she is more human, she does get sick like the rest of us.”

For Mrs Clinton, questions persist about her health and how her campaign team handled information about her illness.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has adopted an indignant tone to ongoing questions about why he hasn’t released his tax returns.

Those questions won’t go away – feeding the suspicion among many Americans that both candidates have something to hide.