Christian Teacher Faces Losing Career for Refusing to Teach LGBT Lessons


A Christian teacher faces a fitness practice hearing and is at risk of losing her career for refusing to teach “extreme LGBTQI ideology” at a Church of England (CofE) secondary school.

Glawdys Leger, 43, had been a specialist Modern Foreign Languages teacher for 12 years before she was sacked by Bishop Justus CofE School in Bromley, Kent, in May 2022.

Ms. Leger, who is supported by the Christian Legal Centre, said she was “treated like a dangerous criminal” for refusing to teach LGBTQI lessons, which had been incorporated into Religious Education (RE) lessons, to year 7 pupils at the school.

On Monday, Ms. Leger started a fitness practice hearing at the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) headquarters in Coventry, the outcome of which could see her barred from the profession.

The hearing lasts until Friday.

LGBT is an umbrella term for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.


The Christian Legal Centre said that they also believe it is the first time that the TRA has taken a case to a full hearing on these issues against a teacher at a Church of England school.

Christian Legal Centre said that materials for RE entitled “Who Am I” included introducing children in Year 7 to gender identities such as pansexual, asexual, intersex and transgender.

The lessons were also designed to encourage “allyship,” which the materials described as, “Typically a non-queer person who supports and advocates for the queer community.”

Ms. Leger alleged that in Feb. 2022, the head of RE sat in on one of her lessons and asked, “Where is the LGBT lesson?”

She was fired after one complaint from a parent via their child who alleged she said in RE lessons: “All LGBTQ+ are ‘not fine,'” … “people will always be seen by God as having their birth gender” and that “transgender people are ‘just confused.'”

Ms. Leger denied that she has ever said anything similar to, “God will love you if you are not LGBTQ+.”

The Christian Legal Centre said that Ms. Leger had expressed her beliefs to students during a discussion on LGBT issues that “God believes humans are born male and female and that LGBTQI practice is sinful.”

The Aquinas Church of England Education Trust reported Ms. Leger to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) because “she upset one pupil by sharing her views on LBGTQ+, and she went on to share many more in our investigation and subsequent hearings, such that we were not certain whether she would continue to share those views with young people.”


“With Bishop Justus being a Christian school, I really believed that Christian pupils, their parents and any Christian member of staff, were being deceived,” said Ms. Leger.

“Anyone who dared to suggest that religion is a reason to not agree with that ideology was silenced and in my case, sacked. We were not even asked how we felt about it, and when I raised concern, I was given no support,” she added.

She added that “increasingly, it became obvious that all the Christian aspects of the school were just for show.”

“Beneath the mask, being promoted in assemblies and in the classroom without parents’ knowledge, were political and ethical beliefs completely contrary to Christian beliefs on these issues,” she said.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “Glawdys’s case is part of a growing trend of the TRA targeting Christian teachers for expressing their faith in schools.

“Glawdys was hounded out of the job she loved because she wanted children to understand in an RE lesson in a Christian school that Christian teaching does not align with LGBTQI ideology,” she said.

“She did not want impressionable children heading into their teenage years to be force-fed teaching that endorsed and celebrated gender confusion without question,” she added.

Mrs. Williams added  that the Church of England has “embraced LGBTQI ideology and, in an ‘inclusive’ school environment, penalises any Christian teacher who expresses its own teaching on marriage and human sexuality.”