CHRISTIAN KIDS PROGRAMS Must address the issue of LGBT from the bible’s perspective


Christian cartoon producer and co-creator Phil Vischer says Christian filmmakers will have to start addressing LGBT issues and same-sex relationships from a biblical perspective because children are already seeing these storylines in secular movies and TV shows. 

“Parents are definitely going to have to deal with a growing LGBT presence in children’s media,” Vischer told The Christian Post. “It’s going to show up more and more as the world has decided that LGBT issues are in the same categories as race and civil rights issues. 

A veteran in the world of children’s entertainment, Vischer said it’s only a matter of time before he and other Christian producers will have to address the issue from a biblical perspective.

For now, Vischer said he will continue to present biblical truths in his TV shows, movies, and books in contra`st to secular programming.

“Bringing the Bible to life never goes out of style,” Vischer said when asked about “Veggie Tales”‘ enduring popularity, adding he’s currently helping to write a new version of the series, set to air very soon on Christian Television Channels.