Ceasefire in Syria has reduced, but not ended, Aleppo violence


The U.N. said on Wednesday (May 4) it welcomed a statement released by the United States that it had agreed with Russia to extend a cessation of hostilities to include Aleppo, where intense day-long violence between Syrian rebels and government forces killed dozens of people.
At a special Security Council session convened to discuss the situation in Aleppo, U.N. political chief Jeffrey Feltman urged “parties to abide by this immediately and comprehensively”.
Feltman said reports of violence in recent days and the “horrifying image of attacks on hospitals and government and opposition-held neighborhoods of the city” are considered war crimes. He urged the council to consider Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s call for referring the case to the International Criminal Court.
Feltman said a consolidated truce and greater humanitarian aid access were needed to ensure the next round of Syria peace talks – set for this month – were credible.