California Parents Protest School District’s Mandatory Mask Mandates


As the school season begins in August, face-to-face classes are resuming in school districts of Los Angeles, but parents and students who want to return are faced with mask mandates.

From the start of school this fall, the California government requires all K-12 students to wear a mask to school, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not.

On July 21, the Education Board in Glendora Unified School District sent a notice to parents that the district is required to comply with state and county public health department regulations.

On Aug. 23, dozens of parents protested against the district’s denial of parental rights during a meeting of the Glendora Unified School District at Sellers Elementary School in Los Angeles County. They called on the district’s Education Board to provide mask options, curriculum transparency, and accountability.

Rallies like this have continued throughout California in the past few months.

Freedom of Choice

“I want my daughter to also be able to breathe,” said Trina Michalak, a parent at the rally who believes that parents are entitled to freedom of choice for their children and should not be interfered with by the government. “But I feel like the government, they’re stepping on us.”

Michalak questioned what she believes is a hidden agenda behind the government’s and the school district’s mandate for children to wear masks. “Control. [It’s] all about control,” she said.

“I’m trained in PPE (personal protective equipment). Particulates, that’s part of my job to know what the masks do and don’t do. They have limitations. They don’t work. I know so many people who have COVID now, who are vaccinated, wore their masks, did what they were told to do, and yet they’re still sick.”

Michalak’s daughter also complained to her that she felt irritable wearing the mask and could not concentrate on reading and attending classes.

“If you want to wear [it], fine. If you don’t, please let us have our choice,” she said.

Source: Theepochtimes